Awecademy offers future-oriented and personalized workshops and training sessions globally. Our programs equip learners, educators, and industry leaders to imagine, design and create an exciting future. Our interactive training workshops place an emphasis on 21st century skills and prepare participants to adapt to disruptive innovations and excel in a future of exponential technologies and accelerating change.

For Organizations

Are you an organization or institute looking to run a more agile and innovative team? Our enterprise training sessions empower management teams to:

  • Think exponentially and launch moonshot ideas
  • Bring a culture of innovation and abundance to your organization
  • Learn about the latest opportunities created by emerging technologies
  • Unlock your team’s creative potential and drive positive change
  • Anticipate opportunities for new impact and offerings

Workshops For Learners

Our workshops immerse young minds into the future and inspire them to contribute to the future of humanity. We give young minds the opportunity to gain skills, mindsets, and values that will allow them to unlock their creative potential and become moonshot thinkers.

  • Focused on critical 21st century skills of the future
  • Designed by award-winning educators
  • Informed by Neuroscience & Mind-brain Education
  • Prepares you for the jobs of the future
  • Awe-inspiring, interactive, and engaging

Over cutting-edge 60 workshops themes are available under the following core areas

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Workshops For Educators

We equip educators with the skills, resources, and strategies to accelerate their careers and empower their learners. All our content has been certified by the CPD Certification Service (UK’s independent continuing professional development accreditation for training, courses, & online learning.)

  • Learn how to inspire a new generation of innovators
  • Deep dive into the latest research from Neuroscience and Mind-Brain Education
  • Discover how Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and other exponential technologies are disrupting education
  • Develop 21st century skills and future fluencies to build a future-ready professional development portfolio
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