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Future-focused & wisdom-based education.

Preparing learners and educators for a world of accelerating change.


Access interactive online programs that equip you with the skills of the future.


Access cutting-edge professional development training and take Awecademy curricula to your students.


Awecademy offers future-oriented, immersive, and collaborative workshops for learners, educators, or management teams.


Through an online platform and offline programs, Awecademy offers interdisciplinary programs that equip learners and educators with the new competencies, future fluencies, and powerful values for them to have a positive impact on humanity.

These include big-picture thinking, radical creativity, moonshot thinking, empathy and compassion, self-transcendence, intelligent optimism, ethical use of technologies, existential studies, and much more.

Our mission is to bring a sense of awe and wonder to education and inspire learners to bring about positive civilization-level change.


Education to Better our World
Awecademy sees education as a means to improve the world we live in. To learn more download the Awecademy prospectus.

Adapt, Survive & Thrive

We live in a world of accelerating change. New industries are constantly being born and old ones are becoming obsolete. A high per cent of the jobs that today’s young learners will be doing in the future does not even exist yet.

Future Jobs

As gig economies grow worldwide and we see a rise in the contingent workforce, Awecademy equips learners with fluencies that are an increasingly valuable asset in the workforce.

Future Skills

Awecademy helps young minds answer the crucial question: What are the new smarts and new competencies that future generations need?

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Robot-proof Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence and the coming Cognifying Revolution.

AI today can create art, compose music, and drive cars. All things we once thought were uniquely human abilities.

Awecademy is focused on re-thinking how we educate the next generation and preparing them for a future where AI will disrupt all industries.


Core Areas

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Wisdom-based education &
Enlightenment values

Being Human in an Age of Automation

The emphasis is on upholding the values of the Enlightenment:

  • Reason
  • Science
  • Progress
  • Liberty
  • Tolerance

Wisdom is a concept traditionally associated with philosophy and spiritual thinking. However, Wisdom is starting to be increasingly connected with technological evolution.

The focus is on highlighting the development of character virtues and enhanced future consciousness and exploring how the wise cyborgs of the future would live their lives. What would happen if powerful human-machine hybrids of tomorrow were also purpose-driven, compassionate, and ethical?

We live in an age of fake news and alternative facts. Awecademy is focused on equipping learners with the mindsets and thinking tools they need to differentiate between information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda.

Being Human in an Age of Automation

Developing Existential Intelligence

  • Who am I?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Where are we headed?
  • What is life?
  • What is love?
  • What is consciousness?

People who possess existential intelligence are able to see the interconnectedness of different aspects of life and wonder about the complexity and diversity of the universe. They are able to see the big picture and ask the big questions.

Bringing Awe & Wonder into

Awe is an experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it.

Our aim is to inspire a sense of optimism for the future and prepare learners for the Age of Imagination.

Cosmic Perspective

See the Big Picture

At its core, the cosmic perspective is about zooming out and seeing the big picture. It involves acknowledging our place in the cosmos and stepping back and contemplating our purpose in the grand scheme of things.

It is a powerful awakening of the mind and a fundamental redefinition of what it means to be human. It upgrades our consciousness, our values, and the kind of ambitions that we set forward for ourselves, both as individuals and as a species.

Moonshot Thinking

Solve Grand Challenges

This mindset allows for radical, daring, and disruptive ideas as opposed to incremental improvements. It’s about big-picture, civilization-level change.

Moonshot thinking starts by identifying a big problem, articulating a radical solution, and then making it happen.

Awecademy believes in encouraging learners to be doers and problem-solvers in the real world and to positively impact the lives of people globally.

Human Transcendence Index

Preparing for a bio-physical & ethico-moral upgrade of our species. Awecademy’s HTI measures the traits we need to develop to transcend as a species. Transcendence refers to the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature, and to the cosmos.

Download the Human Transcendence Index booklet.

Supercomputers and Super Intelligence

The technological singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

Awecademy helps equip students with the thinking toolkits, new mindsets and new perspectives required to prepare for the upcoming greater-than-human intelligence explosion that we will witness in the near future.

The Technological


Based on the latest findings in Mind-Brain Learning

We’ve learnt more about the human brain in the last five years than in all the previous centuries combined. Education is now on the cusp of becoming a science. And when pedagogy is based on the latest Mind-Brain research, we will see a revolution in learning.

Awecademy’s offerings are informed by cutting-edge research in the field of Neuroscience and Mind-Brain education.