Through awe-inspiring curricula, project-based learning and personalized networking platforms, Awecademy serves to prepare young minds for a world of exponential technologies and accelerating change.

“Empowering a new generation of cosmic citizens
to bring about civilization-level change.”


A cosmic citizen is anyone who recognizes our place in the universe, the fragility of our planet, and the unimaginable potential we have as a species. At its core, the cosmic perspective is about zooming out and seeing the big picture. It involves acknowledging our place in the cosmos and stepping back and contemplating our purpose in the grand scheme of things.


Taking a cosmic perspective stimulates a determination to successfully resolve all the problems we have here on Earth and focus on the issues that matter. Looking at ourselves from a cosmic perspective is known to inspire more compassion for our fellow human beings and all life. After all, from space, national boundaries and geographic differences disappear, and it becomes clear that at the end of the day, we are all fundamentally human.

In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson,

“I want people to see that the cosmic perspective is simultaneously honest about the universe we live in and uplifting, when we realize how far we have come and how wonderful is this world of ours.”

It is a powerful awakening of the mind and a fundamental redefinition of what it means to be human. It upgrades our consciousness, our values, and the kind of ambitions that we set forward for ourselves, both as individuals and as a species.

Our goal at Awecademy

is not only to prepare young minds for an exciting and desirable future, but also inspire them to create it. We want to prepare and empower future generations to create civilization-level change and contribute to human progress in a meaningful way.

We believe

that education should not be something you do at a specific institute for a specific period of time for a certification. Instead, it should be a lifelong inspiring journey of self-improvement and transcendence.

Broadly speaking, a few of the characteristics of
cosmic citizenship may include the following:

  • Moving beyond being merely a global citizen and thinking of oneself as a citizen of the universe.
  • Seeking knowledge about the cosmos.
  • Being future ambassadors for planet earth.
  • Being aware of our connection with the rest of the universe biologically, chemically, and atomically.
  • Taking a larger, cosmic perspective about life.
  • Being aware of the existential threats facing our species.
Our Massive Transformative Purpose here at Awecademy is to…

“Empower the new generation of cosmic citizens to bring about civilization-level change”

Civilization-level Change

Renowned education expert and author, Marc Prensky, points out that

“We educate our kids so they can better their, and our, world. Our children can be, and should be, improving their world—and improving themselves in the process—via a new approach that far better suits them and the needs of our future society. From the very start of their education, we should be fusing ‘thinking skills’ and ‘accomplishing skills’ into an education with a direct, hands-on connection to the world and its problems.”

Civilization-level change involves solving our global grand challenges, creating abundance for all, ushering in large-scale economic reform, eradicating superstition, elevating art as civic responsibility, promoting scientific literacy, reason, compassion, and the values of the Enlightenment, and perhaps what’s most exciting: preparing to be a multi-planetary species.

Mission Statement

    • Empower learners of all ages everywhere to take education into their own hands and refocus humanity’s hopes, dreams, and ambitions.
    • Enable millions of next generation learners to think critically, dream big, wonder about existence, and make a positive impact on the world in their lifetime.
    • Transform learners everywhere into doers who will help create a vibrant and prosperous global economy based on reason, empathy, and shared resources.
    • Create millions of next generation cosmic citizens who embrace the values of the Enlightenment and promote the flourishing of all humans and all life on our planet.
    • Bring awe, wonder, and inspiration into education and open a universe of possibilities to a new generation of learners.
    • Leverage the tools of exponential technologies to solve the grand challenges facing our species and create a new generation of existential thinkers and compassionate doers.